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  • women in jobs, social services, 180 million jobs for women at risk of being displaced globally imf, World bank

    180 Million Jobs for Women at Risk of Being Displaced Globally: IMF 2018-10-09 10:30:07

    Due to new technologies like automation, as many as 180 million jobs for women are at high risk of being displaced worldwide, the International Monetary Fund warned Tuesday.The global financial institution urged the world leadership to indue women with needed...

    Keywords: women employment worldwide, women employment worldwide, women in jobs, women in companies

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    world bank debars Indian companies, world bank debars Indian companies, world bank debars several indian companies in 2018 report, World bank

    World Bank Debars Several Indian Companies in 2018: Report 2018-10-04 11:48:04

    The World Bank has debarred several Indian companies and a few individuals from the company from its various projects across the globe, the multilateral lending agency said in its first report on its endeavors to combat corruption and safeguard donor...

    Keywords: Olive Health Care, Olive Health Care, Indian companies, corruption in India

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    World Bank, Human Capital Index, india rejects world bank s human capital index rank, World bank

    India Rejects World Bank's Human Capital Index Rank 2018-10-12 12:04:50

    The government of India has rejected a report by World Bank that say Indians born today are likely to be just 44 percent as productive when compared to other Asian countries.In its Human Capital Index Report, which was released October...

    Keywords: human capital, World Bank, Human Capital Index Rank, human capital

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    Girls, Educating Girls, not educating girls costs 15 30 trillion world bank, World bank

    Not Educating Girls Costs $15-30 Trillion: World Bank 2018-07-12 07:11:22

    According to the World Bank, the limited education opportunities or creating an obstruction in their school education globally costs between USD 15 to USD 30 trillion. In low-income countries, less than two-thirds of girls complete primary schools and solely one in three...

    Keywords: Girls, World Bank, Educating Girls, Educating Girls

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    Indian-origin, Indonesia, indian origin world bank senior economist drowns at bali beach, World bank

    Indian-origin World Bank Senior Economist Drowns at Bali Beach 2018-07-24 10:45:59

    A young Indian-origin senior economist employed with the World Bank drowned after strong currents pulled her away while she was swimming in the circumscribed area at a beach in Bali, the Indonesian media reported.The beach lifeguard well-tried to save the...

    Keywords: Economist, Indonesia, Singapore, Aakansha Pande

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    Women, Women, about 1 8 million women may lose jobs after maternity law changes report, World bank

    About 1.8 Million Women May Lose Jobs after Maternity Law Changes: Report 2018-06-27 10:45:30

    A new law introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to amend maternity welfare for women in India's workforce and advance them to further their careers is probably to have the opposite consequence, a survey showed.According to TeamLease Services Ltd., the...

    Keywords: maternity leave, maternity leave, maternity leave, Women

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