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  • India, Women and Child Development Ministry, india revokes passports of 33 nris for abandoning wives, Mea

    India Revokes Passports of 33 NRIs for Abandoning Wives 2018-12-13 09:22:53

    The Indian government has revoked passports of 33 Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) for deserting their wives, the Women and Child Development Ministry said Wednesday. The Integrated Nodal Agency (INA) up to now issued 8 Look-out-Circulars (LoCs) to absconding husbands in cases of...

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    charge, Cohen, trump s ex lawyer sentenced to 3 years over hush money, Mea

    Trump's Ex-Lawyer Sentenced to 3 Years over Hush Money 2018-12-13 11:53:02

    Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen has been sentenced to three years of imprisonment on Wednesday on campaign finance violations for paying hush money to two women who said they had affairs with the United States President, including multiple charges....

    Keywords: trump's lawyer, trump lawyer, trump former lawyer, Michael Cohen

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    India, India, donald trump calls india a true friend u s official, Mea

    Donald Trump Calls India a True Friend: U.S. Official 2018-12-14 09:38:25

    President Donald Trump calls India a "true friend", a top American diplomat has said as she highlighted the steps taken by the United States over the last two years to beef up its ties with India for the benefit of...

    Keywords: prime minister, prime minister, modi vs trump, sarna

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    benefits of drinking tea, tea, international tea day drinking tea may improve your health, Mea

    International Tea Day: Drinking Tea May Improve Your Health 2018-12-15 07:24:46

    There is not a single thing that can cheer up your day with tea, whether you drink it be lively, to help alleviate stress, or you are just a fan of the taste, the majority of us find it strenuous to...

    Keywords: types of tea, tea for good health, International tea day, benefits of drinking tea

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    metoo, metoo hastag on social media, metoo tops instagram advocacy hashtags with 1 mn usage in 2018, Mea

    #MeToo Tops Instagram Advocacy Hashtags with 1 Mn Usage in 2018 2018-12-13 12:09:11

    The #MeToo movement that took the media industry and film industries by rant and rave topped popular photo-sharing platform Instagram's advocacy hashtags with 1.5 million usages in 2018, the company said on Thursday. In the report named, "Instagram Year In Review...

    Keywords: MeToo on instagram, metoo, instagram hashtags, instagram hashtags

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    ranveer singh on metoo, ranveer singh on metoo India, metoo india made men take stock and think ranveer singh, Mea

    #MeToo India Made Men Take Stock and Think: Ranveer Singh 2018-12-14 11:43:38

    Bollywood star Ranveer Singh said the #MeToo movement has been very impactful in India and he hopes there is a change in the patriarchal thinking of Indian men. "The #MeToo movement was historic, revolutionary. It has made guys take stock...

    Keywords: me too movement founder, me too movement meaning, ranveer on metoo, me too movement meaning

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