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    About 50 Million User Accounts Breached in Attack: Facebook 2018-09-29 07:36:56

    The social media giant Facebook said it discovered a security breach affecting about 50 million user accounts.Facebook on Friday said its engineering team found the security issue earlier this week, which stems from a change made to Facebook's video uploading...

    Keywords: breach, Facebook breach attack, Facebook, security breach

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    Facebook security breach, Security Breach, amid security breach facebook users now panic over hoax messages, Mark zuckerberg

    Amid Security Breach Facebook Users Now Panic Over Hoax Messages 2018-10-09 05:50:41

    Days after Facebook announced that about 50 million users account has been hacked in a security breach, now a hoax message is circulating around the social media giant.Facebook users have been receiving a deceiving message, trying to persuade them that...

    Keywords: hoax message on Facebook, Security Breach, hoax message on Facebook, hoax message on Facebook

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    Google plus shut down, Alphabet, alphabet shuts down google after 5 lakh user s data breached, Mark zuckerberg

    Alphabet Shuts Down Google+ After 5 Lakh User's Data Breached 2018-10-09 10:12:14

    Internet giant Google on Monday said it is shutting down the consumer version of its own social networking platform Google+ due to reduced usage and a defect discovered in March earlier this year that could leak the data of about...

    Keywords: Google data breach, Google plus, Google plus, Google+ shut down

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    Mike Krieger, Instagram Co-Founders, instagram co founders to step down from company, Mark zuckerberg

    Instagram Co-Founders to Step Down from Company 2018-09-25 07:01:45

    Facebook-owned Instagram co-founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom have stepped down from photo-sharing app that has more than one billion users.According to a report in The New York Times late on Monday, the co-founders have resigned from their positions and...

    Keywords: Mike Krieger, Facebook, Instagram Co-Founders, Facebook

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    US, Mid-term Elections, facebook removes 30 fake pages designed to influence u s mid term elections, Mark zuckerberg

    Facebook Removes 30 Fake Pages 'Designed to Influence U.S. Mid-term Elections' 2018-08-01 09:28:03

    Facebook on Tuesday proclaimed it had closed nearly 30 fake pages and actives accounts, which seemed to be a coordinated attempt to sway public opinion on public issues ahead of November midterm elections, yet the source is unidentified. It said...

    Keywords: Facebook, US, Mark Zukerberg, US

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    Cookbook Utsav A Culinary Epic, Utsav- A Culinary Epic, vikas kumar s utsav auctioned for millions from modi pope to obama check out the list who owns a copy, Mark zuckerberg

    Vikas Kumar’s “Utsav” auctioned for Millions from Modi, Pope to Obama, check out the list who owns a copy 2017-02-17 12:09:52

    Surely, we all have an eternal crush on Chef Vikas Khanna and our obsession for him cannot be described in words. His unique cookbook “Utsav- A Culinary Epic”, which was a labour of 12 years and was auctioned for 30...

    Keywords: Vikas Kumar’s Utsav auctioned for Millions, Vikas Kumar’s cookbook, Vikas Kumar’s Utsav auctioned for Millions, Vikas Kumar’s Utsav auctioned for Millions

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