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  • Pakistan, Pakistan, pakistan to celebrate durga puja for the first time, Janmashtami

    Pakistan to celebrate Durga Puja for the first time 2013-10-10 04:25:14

    For the first time ever in its history, Pakistan will celebrate Durga Puja in its soil. The first of its kind of a community-organized celebration will be held at the 150-year-old Swami Narayan Mandir in Karachi. The five-day-long celebration will...

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    Janmashtami celebrations, significance of Janmashtami, significance of janmashtami releasing chains of worldly pleasures, Janmashtami

    Significance of Janmashtami - releasing chains of worldly pleasures 2015-09-05 08:17:11

    Janmashtami is one of the important festivals of Hinduism, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and passion across India. As per Hindu calendar, Hindus celebrate Janmashtami in the Shravanam month, on eighth day of the Krishna paksha as the birth...

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    bollywood twitter, bollywood janmashtami celebrations, slideshow bollywood wishes all happy janmashtami, Janmashtami

    SLIDESHOW Bollywood wishes all Happy Janmashtami 2014-08-18 07:08:27

    Keywords: bollywood janmashtami, bollywood janmashtami celebrations, janmasthami wishes, bollywood janmashtami

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    Nandotsav, Janmastami 2016, janmastami celebration 2016, Janmashtami

    Janmastami Celebration, 2016 2016-08-25 09:43:24

    Janmashtami commemorates the earthly appearance of Krishna, who is described in India’s sacred writings as God Himself. It is one of the biggest religious festivals in the world, which is celebrated by nearly nine hundred and thirty million people around...

    Keywords: Nandotsav, Janmastami 2016, Dahi Handi celebration, Janmastami rituals

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    Krishna Janmashtami, Krishna, nation celebrates the birth of lord krishna, Janmashtami

    Nation Celebrates the Birth of Lord Krishna 2018-09-03 05:26:11

    Thousands of devotees across the nation have soaked in religious fervor and festive spirit, thronging in various temples on the occasion of Janmashtami to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna.Janmashtami is celebrated not only in India but also with...

    Keywords: Janmashtami, Krishna bhajan, Krishna, Krishna Janmashtami 2018

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    Gokulashtami, Happy Krishna Janmashtami, happy janmashtami, Janmashtami

    HAPPY JANMASHTAMI! 2013-08-13 13:30:14

    Janmashtami or Gokulashtami marks the birth of Shri Krishna the 8th son of Devaki and Vasudeva. Based on scriptural details and astrological calculations the date of Krishna's birth, known as Janmashtami, is 19 July 3228 BCE. Janmashtami is popularly known...

    Keywords: lord krishna birhtday., Happy Krishna Janmashtami, lord krishna janmashtami, srikrishna janmashtami

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