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  • quora hack, social media hack, data of 100 mn users stolen in massive quora data breach, Facebook

    Data of 100 Mn Users Stolen in Massive Quora Data Breach 2018-12-04 13:03:29

    The personal information of more than 100 million Quora users including their name, email address and encrypted passwords have been compromised, the California-based popular question-and-answer platform said. "Questions and answers that were written anonymously are not affected by this breach...

    Keywords: quora data breach, angelo, angelo, quora hack

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    metoo hastag on social media, metoo hashtag on instagram, metoo tops instagram advocacy hashtags with 1 mn usage in 2018, Facebook

    #MeToo Tops Instagram Advocacy Hashtags with 1 Mn Usage in 2018 2018-12-13 12:09:11

    The #MeToo movement that took the media industry and film industries by rant and rave topped popular photo-sharing platform Instagram's advocacy hashtags with 1.5 million usages in 2018, the company said on Thursday. In the report named, "Instagram Year In Review...

    Keywords: metoo hastag on social media, metoo hashtag on instagram, instagram advocacy hastags, love

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    facebook in US, facebook employees, facebook no longer best place to work in u s, Facebook

    Facebook No Longer Best Place to Work in U.S. 2018-12-06 07:32:15

    The social media giant Facebook has lost the tag of the best place to work in the United States, amid hit by users' data scandal, while Apple has moved up in the list of top-rated employees. According to the leading...

    Keywords: facebook employees, United States, Zuckerberg, employee

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    Banaras Hindu University, Banaras Hindu University, indian american ph d scholar accuses bhu faculty of harassment, Facebook

    Indian-American Ph.D. Scholar Accuses BHU Faculty of Harassment 2018-12-14 11:07:07

    An Indian-American Ph.D. scholar has accused Banaras Hindu University's Ayurveda Head of Department Anand Chaudary of harassment and stalking over five years. Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya, who received her doctorate in Rasa Shastra from the Faculty of Ayurveda from aforementioned university...

    Keywords: Ayurveda in Banaras Hindu University, BHU, Bhattacharya, Indian American PhD scholar

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    nillu, social media, after kiki challenge now nillu nillu turns perilous, Facebook

    After 'Kiki Challenge', Now 'Nillu Nillu' Turns Perilous 2018-11-27 09:49:21

    Not too long 'Kiki Challenge' has swept internet social media, where people got out of moving cars, danced, and got back in, now a new challenge is going viral all over the internet. Jassie Gift's long forgotten song 'Nillu Nillu',...

    Keywords: kiki challenge, challenge, tik tok app, danger

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    tech moguls, US tech moguls, 4 indian origin women in forbes u s list of top women in tech, Facebook

    4 Indian-Origin Women in Forbes U.S. List of Top Women in Tech 2018-11-30 06:42:35

    Four Indian-origin women have been named by Forbes among America's top 50 female technology moguls. Padmasree Warrior, former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Cisco; Komal Mangtani, senior director at app-based cab aggregator Uber; Neha Narkhede, chief technology officer and co-founder of...

    Keywords: women US tech moguls, US tech moguls, women, tech moguls

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