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  • trump attacks social media companies, trump attacks social media companies, trump attacks social media companies after facebook bans extremist figures, Engaged

    Trump Attacks Social Media Companies After Facebook Bans Extremist Figures 2019-05-06 10:57:56

    After Facebook banned a number of extremist figures in a bid to remove people and groups promoting objectionable material such as hate, racism, and anti-Semitism, President Donald Trump criticized social media companies declaring that he was “monitoring and watching, closely!!”Trump,...

    Keywords: social media, trump attacks social media companies, facebook, facebook rules

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    whatsapp, technology, beware whatsapp will now sue it s users if found violating terms of use, Engaged

    Beware! WhatsApp Will Now Sue It's Users If Found Violating Terms of Use 2019-06-14 09:23:23

    In a new move, WhatsApp will be going ahead and sue the account holder if the user found to be violating the terms of conditions of using the app by sending bulk messages or auto-forwarding. Previously, the company merely remove...

    Keywords: whatsapp terms and conditions, whatsapp users, beware whatsapp users, beware whatsapp users

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    breaking up facebook, kamala harris about facebook, seriously look at breaking up facebook kamala harris, Engaged

    ‘Seriously Look at Breaking up Facebook’: Kamala Harris 2019-05-13 09:32:15

    A week after Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes published a column in the New York Times calling for the company to break up, the first Indian origin Senator in the United States Kamala Harris said that the U.S. should consider breaking...

    Keywords: facebook break up, kamala harris about facebook, Kamala harris, facebook break up

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    meditation, benefits of meditation, meditation doesn t work for everyone study, Engaged

    Meditation Doesn’t Work for Everyone: Study 2019-05-13 12:51:35

    Meditation, which is widely believed to be a remedy to mental health issues, is found to be not always a pleasant experience for everyone.According to scientists who advocate more research into such practices, over a one-fourth of people who on...

    Keywords: why you should not meditatem meditation is nonsense, meditation, extreme meditation, dark side of meditation

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    akshay kumar donation to cyclone fani, cyclone fani donations, cyclone fani akshay kumar donates 1 crore for odisha victims, Engaged

    Cyclone Fani: Akshay Kumar Donates 1 Crore for Odisha Victims 2019-05-07 04:41:55

    Recently cyclone Fani has devastated Odisha leaving hundreds of houses dismantled and claiming lives of about 29 people. The calamitous occurrence left mankind in grief. In a bid to bring back the liveliness of eastern India state, everyone is doing...

    Keywords: cylcone fani donations, cyclone, cyclone, cyclone

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    green card news, green card news indian, good news for indian green card aspirants trump to propose new immigration plan favoring merit based foreigners, Engaged

    Good News for Indian Green Card Aspirants: Trump to Propose New Immigration Plan Favoring Merit-Based Foreigners 2019-05-16 04:12:39

    In a major relief to Indians residing in the United States, President Donald Trump is all set to announce a new proposal to overhaul the country’s immigration policy that would give preference to foreigners based on merit rather than the...

    Keywords: Indian green card aspirants, Indians waiting for green card, Indian green card aspirants, trump new immigration plan

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