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  • study finds pizza can increase work productivity, foods that boost productivity, tired at workplace eating pizza and these five other foods helps to increase productivity, Coffee

    Tired at Workplace? Eating Pizza and These Five Other Foods Helps to Increase Productivity 2019-03-18 10:31:19

    No matter how action-packed your work involves, at some time you might get exhausted or find yourself looking for motivation. Nevertheless, a recent study has found that a pizza can help you add productivity to your work, just like a...

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    negative energy in office, negative energy in office, missouri man put lsd drugs in colleagues drinks to keep away negative energy face charges of second degree assault, Coffee

    Missouri Man Put LSD Drugs in Colleagues’ Drinks to Keep Away Negative Energy, Face Charges of Second Degree Assault 2019-03-27 12:01:23

    Working in an office doing the same daily work can be tedious and employees eventually try many ways to seem environment pleasing. But a 19-year-old youth has done something bizarre in order to keep all negative energies away and ultimately...

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    Meme, Kalank, twitter uproars down with memes with kalankreview, Coffee

    Twitter uproars down with memes with #KalankReview 2019-04-18 11:50:33

    Given the kind of high profile cast that the movie was boating upon, Kalank most definitely was one of the most anticipated Bollywood movies of 2019. The only downside to the fact is that majority of the audience who did...

    Keywords: Bollywood, Meme, Bollywood, Twitter

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    Holi Colors, how to remove holi colour from hair, holi 2019 tips to protect your hair and skin from holi colors, Coffee

    Holi 2019: Tips to Protect Your Hair and Skin from Holi Colors 2019-03-15 13:26:26

    Holi festival is just few days away and the majority of people would be dwelling on skin and hair plights that would appear consequently. Experts say using oil, sunscreen and lip balm is beneficial to keep body protected against effects...

    Keywords: holi tips, holi date, holi safety sms, how to protect hair from holi colours

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    kasol cafe indian not allowed, places not to go in india, 5 places in india where indians are banned from entering, Coffee

    5 Places in India Where Indians Are Banned from Entering 2019-02-28 12:00:54

    In what may be a source of consternation for you to know there are quite a lot of places in India where Indians have been treated as inferior or kept within bounds, or their entry is prohibited. Even more unexpected...

    Keywords: indian passport banned countries, foreigners beach in india, banned places in the world, 10 beautiful places in india you are not allowed to visit

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    how to make natural colours for painting, prepare natural colors for holi, holi 2019 celebrate this holi with these six diy natural holi colors that are benign and healthy for skin, Coffee

    Holi 2019: Celebrate This Holi With These Six DIY Natural Holi Colors That Are Benign and Healthy for Skin 2019-03-19 12:51:11

    Holi without colors is to no purpose. Since many colors that are detrimental entering the market, the call for natural colors has surpassed. At one time, Holi was played with natural colors, sourced from plants, flowers, and kitchen ingredients. But...

    Keywords: how to make natural colours in marathi, natural colors for holi, how to make natural colours from vegetables, how to make natural colours from trees in marathi

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